Jelly Jeff (2011)

During our third year at the Filmakademie we were able to create a trailer for the International Trickfilm Festival in Stuttgart (
There are pretty much no limiations, except that each trailer has to fill one minute. Instead of creating a single one minute trailer I thought it might be much more entertaining to have a little miniseries.
Jelly Jeff is what I came up with. Each settings starts out to be the same, but each time our character either ends up being somewhere else or something unexpected happens. Check it out yourself below :)

directed & animated
voice Bob
lighting & rendering
sound design
Jacob Frey & Harry Fast
Anna Matacz
Tom Zahner
Jacob Frey & Stefanie Ren
Hendrik Panz
Michael Lederhuber
Marco Manzo
Karol Obara


Watersprite, Cambridge / UK (24.-26.02.2012)
Cartoons on the bay Pulcinella Awards, Rome / Italy (22.-25.03.2012)
Future Film Festival , Bologna / Italy (27.03.-01.04.2012)
Ca´Foscari Short Film Festival, Venice / Italy (28.-31.03.2012)
Cartoons On The Bay, Rapallo/Italy (22-25.03.2012)
Tbilisi International Student Film Festival, Amirani Tbilisi / Georgia (07.-12.05.2012)
Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro /Brazil (13.-17.07.2012)
Open Eyes, Marburg / Germany (14.-17.07.2012)
Imaginaria, Conversano / Italy (August 2012)
Hiroshima Educational Film Market, Hiroshima / Japan (23.-27.08.2012)
Anifest Rozafa, Shkodra / Albania (25.-29.09.2012)
KLIK Amsterdam, Amsterdam / Netherlands (07.-11.11.2012)
Siggraph Asia 2012, Singapore / Singapore (28.11.-01.12.2012)
Contravision, Berlin / Germany (30.11.-01.12. and 06.-08.12.2012)
Chicago Int. Children´s Festival, Chicago / USA (November 2013)



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