About Me

aboutme_picHey everyone,

my name is Jacob and I am a character animator who graduated from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in April 2014.
During my second year at the Filmakademie I had the opportunity to work as an animator for three months at Black Rock Studios in Brighton, UK. After finishing my third year I decided to take one year off from uni and went to Psyop, Los Angeles where I had the chance to work on several spots such as “Best Buy – Saving Christmas”, “Coke Happiness Factory”, “Twinnings”, “Norton – Stuff” and some others.

Having spent ten months at Psyop I’ve learned a lot of things about animation and was really thankful for not being treated as an intern, instead as a proper animator.
Coming back to Germany and being back at university I considered myself lucky to work on Studio Soi’s animated book adaption of Julia Donaldson’s children book “Room on the Broom”. Which got nominated for an academy award.
Just recently I’ve finished working on my personal short “The Present”.


If you have any questions or any advice on the things I’ll be showing here, please feel free to contact me.